{Hayley George} |Fifth Year| |Gryffindor| samantha barks

Hayley is such a sweetheart but full of spunk! She’s quick to respond with a witty or sarcastic remark. She doesn’t think before she speaks and often understood as an airhead (but we all do that!).  Hayley is very dedicated to her friends. She puts them before herself and would rather be in trouble than them being in trouble. Having the qualities of a Gryffindor truly make her stand out. She will do any dare that’s asked of her and have no regrets about it later. She also isn’t afraid to stand up for others.

          All positive qualities come with negative, right? Hayley is extremely self-conscience and insecure. She may not show it, but even the smallest remarks about her appearance knock her down several pegs. Her bravado of carefree is simply an act. She also doesn’t trust easily. Being burned by several “friends” really taught her who she needs to look out for and who can’t be trusted.

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