{Reed Finnigan} |Sixth Year| |Slytherin| andrew garfield

Reed is quiet and softspoken and just a little bit mysterious. So, in the beginning of his fifth year when it came out that he was dating Aimee Wood, Hogwarts’ resident loudmouth, most of Hogwarts was more than a little shocked. Though it appeared that the two were totally incompatible at first glance, their relationship has lasted for a very long time and they are very happy together.

In fact, most people claim that they had never seen Reed smile before he was dating Aimee. This, of course, is a bit of an over-exaggeration but Reed doesn’t care for rumours and just lets people believe what they want to believe. Reed also inherited his father’s affinity for pyrotechnics, though he is much more subtle about the explosions and fire than his father was.

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