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Is this rp active?

This question was asked three times, so I’ll just answer this one. Right now there are only 4 people because we are brand new, so activity is not where I would like it to be, but if we were to get more people, we could be very, very active!



I feel like this is a lot of reminders for the first day but, please remember to turn your askboxes on!

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I’ve updated the rules and I encourage all of you to check them out! Particularly the sections entitled Roleplaying Part 2 and OOC.

- Greta

Welcome back to Hogwarts, Hugo Weasley!

Just a reminder:

We are a closed roleplay, meaning that we don’t interact with characters outside of our group! Thanks!


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Welcome back to Hogwarts, Hayley George!

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Congratulations, Nicole. You have been accepted for the role of Hugo Weasley. Please make your account in the next 24 hours or your role will be reopened!

Welcome back to Hogwarts, Albus Potter!

Welcome back to Hogwarts, Aimee Wood!

Welcome back to Hogwarts, Hazel Ryder!